Ink Arcade Snuffie


Hey everyone, I’m Mitchell aka Snuffie. I’m an apprentice/artist/idiot at Ink Arcade at both our Macarthur and Cronulla studios. I’ve been an artist my entire life, and will be an art student right up until the day I die. I really enjoy the styles of neotraditional and traditional japanese but would also like to bring my own flair to the new and growing neo-japanese market. I’m also fortunate enough to be able to do some realism and would love to expand this into more colour realism and more hyperrealism black and greys. I love all my video games and anime so all those little nerdy, anime, geek tattoos are right up my alley! Would love to do some World of Warcraft pieces in any style and I hope to eventually tattoo the original 151 Pókemon. I’ve been more thank lucky to find my footing at Ink Arcade and the environment is absolutely phenomenal for both apprentices, artists and clients alike. I cannot wait to see how I develop as an artist learning from such awesomely talented people. Heaps proud to be a part of the Ink Arcade family and can’t wait to evolve into a full fledged Arcadian.

Snuffie's Gallery