About Ink Arcade

Ink Arcade is the brainchild of New Zealand born, renowned tattoo artist and tv personality Moses Savea. Founded in the heart of Cronulla in Summer 2016, Ink Arcade is a one of a kind lifestyle spot that fuses gaming, pop culture and tattoo culture with a mission to create a tattoo studio atmosphere where clients and artists can feel comfortable, relaxed and inspired.

Each of our artists are specialists in their styles of tattooing, and all pieces are custom designed especially for you. We pride ourselves in providing quality work that is truly unique and create an over all experience that is fun, friendly and unmatched. With a balance of tradition and innovation, we seek to exceed our clients expectations of what can be done with the art of tattooing.

We’re just as excited for you to get your new tattoo as you are! Here are a few things to pay attention to before you come see us.

Leading up to your tattoo day, take care of your skin. Don’t get a sunburn or a cut in the area of the tattoo because the quality of the tattoo will be compromised and won’t heal properly. Also do not worry about shaving the area to be tattooed, we will do that for you to ensure that there is no razor burn!

Do not drink alcohol excessively the night before or day of your tattoo. Alcohol thins your blood and the ink will not stay very well within your skin, therefore the end product will not look as good and some areas may not even stay tattooed.

Eating something before you get a tattoo is strongly recommended! (But don’t forget to brush your teeth after) Getting a tattoo while having a low blood sugar level increases the chances of dizziness and fainting. Eating prior to your appointment greatly reduces these risks!

It’s also wise to pre-buy your aftercare products. Don’t forget your ID and your money!